Q: Has Docken also got rooms for small companies
A: We have rooms with sea view from 40 people.

Q: How many guests are maximum.
A: There can for concerts and DJ events up to 6,000 guests – 3,500 in the main hall.

Q: How big is Docken.
A: Our main hall of 1,700 sqm + lounge area of 200 sqm, lobby hall is 320 sqm. In addition service areas. In total dock of 3,500 sqm and 7,000 sqm outdoor areas.

Q: How high is the ceiling.
A. There are 8 meter high ceiling in the large hall in the center and 7 meters out at the sides.

Q: What about food.
A: We have our own professional kitchens from 40 guests and up to 2,000 guests. Our food is Danish-French-inspired – it has edge without being too spicy.

Q: What about vegetarians and other special needs.
A: We can tailor madden for vegetarians and special needs for a small extra fee.

Q: Do we have to bring your own food and drink.
A: Yes, you are welcome. We compute us a small disposal per guest – but we make tables, chairs, dishes, washing and cleaning free of charge.

Q: Is also open in winter
A: We are open all year and has three huge heating system which heats Docken + the place is well insulated. We have upwards of 100 events in winter and 100 in summer.

Q: Is there sea views from all rooms.
A: Docken is located directly next to the sea – Øresund – and there is sea view from our three halls. Our small meeting room overlooks Nordhavn and Copenhagen.


Q: Are there hotels.
A: There are a number of hotels nearby: Goldsmith, Adina, Hotel Østerport and Hellerup Park Hotel.

Q: Do you also have private parties and weddings
A: We have every year 50 to 100 private parties and weddings. However, a minimum of 40 guests.

Q: Are you running concerts and DJ events.
A: We place like house concerts and DJ events.

Q: Can you hold stock sale at dock
A: We do not hold stock sale.

Q: Art exhibitions
A: We hold like art exhibitions by renowned artists and artists’ associations.

Q: How big are the ceiling paintings and one can see them.
A: There are a total of 2,000 sqm ceiling painting by 13 different artists. One can see the paintings – email us about time and how many are – admission is free.

Q: Can you swim out of Docken.
A: Principilet is not allowed, but no complain (unless you’re drunk). Docken can set up a mobile swimmingpoool of 200 sqm for an event if desired.

There is plenty of room to put his bike outside Docken. There is a cycle track most of the way ..

The nearest station is Nordhavn Station. It takes 20 minutes to walk from Nordhavn Station.
Go to the right when you come out from the station and turn first of the water and follow the road past the big tile-covered red-white PFA-building. You just follow the road which swings a few times – it ends automatically out of Docken.

Bus 27 starts out at Østerport Station to Nordhavn. Bus 27 stops at Færgehavnsvej/Baltikavej (here you get off!) right next to Docken.

Bussen kører:
* On weekdays:  2-4 times per hour.

* In the weekend: 2 times per hour: 06 og 36

The first bus from Østerport station runs:

* Monday-friday at 05:49
* Saturday- Sunday at 07:58
The last bus from Docken (Skudehavnsvej) runs:
* Monday-friday at 19.29
* Saturday- Sunday at 18.20

There is free parking at Docken’s own car park.

Docken is located right next to the water garlanded with large granite stones, and is not suitable for small boats. For larger companies you can book Spar Shipping to sail you to Docken and moor 20 meters from Docken.

Q Who should I talk to if I want to have an event at Docken.
A You can talk to either Gina on or Carsten on Please specify when the event to start and end the type of event, and how many you are.