Elegant, exclusive, different- a day to remember

On your big day, it is important to have everything from delicious food, lots of drinks and a good time on the dance floor. Overlooking the ocean, drinks on our terrace and sand area you get the setting for a memory of a lifetime. We provide delicious 3-course dinner, waiters, bartenders, chefs and we stay open as long as you wish. You just have to provide the guests and we will make sure you can have the time of your life and dance all night. If you wish to get wedded in the sand or indoors, this can also be arranged.

Proposal for the wedding menu
- You’ll choose one of each. 


Appetizer 1
Creamy root vegetable soup, apple, crispy artichokes,
Bacon, parsley oil, charred garlic
Appetizer 2
Raw marinated salmon, shallot-saffron jam, cucumber,
Salted almonds, potato chips, red sorrel
Appetizer 3
Chili marinated king prawns, green salads, mangoes, avocados,
Salted cashew nuts, basil, lime syrup
Appetizer 4
Carpaccio of ox, baked parmesan, crispy rye bread, olive oil,
Roasted pine nuts, herb salad
All starters are served with rustic wheat bread and butter


Main courses

Main course 1
Timbale of chicken and basil soufflé, sauté of mushrooms, red onion and cabbage,
Chicken spice sauce flavored with baked garlic
At the tables, baked root vegetables are served with lemon thyme in bowls.
Main course 2
Beef cuvette of grain-fed cattle, marinated in fermented garlic and lemon thyme,
lightly smoked carrots, root vegetables chips, strong balsamic sauce
At the tables there are small raw roasted potatoes with masses of seeds and grains in bowls.
Main course 3
Long-term braised shank, bean sauté with shallots and bacon,
Sauce on dark beer, apple, maple syrup and thyme
In bowls on the tables apple-fennel salad with pomegranate,
Sun-dried cranberries and grandma dressing are served
Main course 4
Duck breast, butter-mounted orange sauce, sauté of cabbage, apples and almonds,
Watercress, root fruit chips
In bowls on the tables fried sweet potatoes, thyme, rosemary are served.


Dessert 1
Tonka bean panna cotta, lightly salted caramel,
Raw pickled forest berries, crispy waffle
Dessert 2
Brownie baked with white and dark chocolate, berry nougatine
Vanilla ice cream, passion fruit marinated strawberries
Dessert 3
White chocolate ganache, caramelized white chocolate,
Pineapple-passion fruit salad, nutmeg with meringue and freeze-dried berries
Dessert 4
Lemon froth, salted caramel, sea buckthorn granite
Meringue, almond-caramel crunch